Advanced Psychiatry inc. is a privately owned behavioral health program, designed with the primary goal of helping individuals and families attain stable functioning and to excel in their personal goals despite the struggles with mental health challenges.

We provide advanced services to all groups with no discrimination to gender, age,  race or social status. Our L.O.U.D (Listening, Openness, Understanding, Diverse); approach to mental health solutions is unique effective and demonstrably superior.

Our slogan; “Lending helping hands…” encompasses our policy of direct support and assistance to our clients in reaching their individual treatment goals. We believe that individuals and families are capable of reestablishing sustainable healthy relationships and functioning with guided support and expert help through our exceptional and unique treatment approach mastered and created by Dr Uzoma Osuchukwu, a double board certified Psychiatrist.

Due to our diverse, multi systemic approach as well as our affiliation with several behavioral health agencies and facilities, we are uniquely positioned to provide adequate services and appropriate referrals that meet the various needs of our clients.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and families dealing with mental health challenges in their journey towards recovery and stabilization through our Lending Helping Hands policy and L.O.U.D (Listening, Openness, Understanding, Diverse) approach.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive and personalized mental health services to all individuals regardless of race, gender, age or social status.
Uzoma Osuchukwu

Uzoma Osuchukwu, MD, MPH

Medical Director / CEO

Anneta Osuchukwu

Anneta Osuchukwu, MD, MBA, PhD.


Pius Ehiane

Pius Ehiane, APRN